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  1. Impressed with Volt in the snow

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    This is my first winter with the Volt. I have stock all-season tires on the car. Usually, I put winter tires on my cars, but since I took over a lease and only have it until next year, I didn't get them. I wasn't sure how it would handle in the snow, but I must say I'm highly impressed with how...
  2. Traction control useless in snow

    Totally Off-Topic
    Today I was unable to go forward at all, backing up was fine. 6+" snow on the road. I turned off traction control and the car was able to move forward. Left control off on entire drive to work, car handled sloppy but kept control. Anyone have any tips how to use traction control in poor...
  3. how to tow a stuck Volt

    Generation 1 Volt (2011-2015)
    We had our first big snow storm with the Volt and the the volt didn't like our very steep & long driveway (as we feared) despite studded winter tires. We brought the tractor down to tow it up but I couldn't find any spot under the front of the car that looks appropriate to attach the chain. The...
  4. Volt in icy slippery snow tonight.....traction control.

    Generation 1 Volt (2011-2015)
    Roads were nasty, barely plowed, sleet, slick. Silly question: Going up slippery hills, should I take the traction control off or leave it on? MrEnergyCzar
  5. Alignment Problems on brand new 2012 Volt

    VOLT Consumer Advisory Board (CAB) Archive Only
    Purchased a 2012 Volt on Wednesday and drove it home. It pulled to the left and the steering wheel wasn't even straight. Took it back on Thursday morning and the dealer still has it and is now saying it may not be fixed until next week. Very disappointed that a new, expensive car has to even...
  6. MY 2012 Volt Traction Control (TCS) and StabiliTrak (ESP) Manual Deactivation

    Chevy Volt Engineering and Design
    After reading the 2012 Volt owners manual I found out the Traction Control (TCS) and the Electronic Stability Control (ESC) can be manually deactivated. This feature is nice because sometimes I like to have "fun". With the 2011 Volt the TCS and ESP cannot manually be deactivated. I am sure other...