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  1. Tesla wins right to sell direct in Michigan

    The car dealers lost one. Tesla’s settlement with Michigan will allow the company to sell and service its cars in the state without being forced to go through a car dealer. About time. Rivian next?
  2. Walmart sues Tesla over fires, widespread negligence

    Whoa, 7 rooftop solar panel fires and counting. Sounds like German car rental companies are not the only ones having trouble with Tesla addressing quality issues.
  3. Truckla released

    The Tesla Truck, here it is. :)
  4. Tesla building stores, shutting all stores, now...not?

    Add to that, dropping all prices 6%, now raising all prices 3%. Tesla has been wildly bouncing back and forth on it's store and pricing strategy of late. After bringing online a bunch of new stores, they announced they were closing almost all stores immediately to be able to sell a $35k Model...
  5. Model 3 Dirt Scoop

    I know some have found dirt above their Volt underbody air deflectors. This shop in Canada apparently regularly finds 20-40lbs scooped up by Tesla Model 3's due to sand on snowy roads. The mechanic thinks this scooping effect may have been the cause of bumpers falling off as well, due to the...
  6. Model 3 Wins Car Race, Disqualified for being an EV

    After being admitted to the Buttonwillow race, and then winning first place, the Model 3 was disqualified when the second place sore loser protested that the Tesla did not use gas or diesel, lol. What a great story. Admitting the car on the expectation it would lose, and then kicking out the EV...
  7. VW: We'll match Tesla, but at half the price

    Other EVs PHEVs EREVs
    Looks like VW has learned from Musk. Make outlandish claims on timing and price, deliver something even if late and at a higher price. So far, VW has been a winner based on press releases. But 2020 will be the year they put up or shut up. Of course, they could always claim "manufacturing hell"...
  8. Tesla Model 3 Safety Rating

    Telas is claiming the Model 3 has “the lowest probability of injury of all cars the safety agency has ever tested.” Here's the details on that claim, along with videos, charts, and illutrstions:
  9. SEC charges Musk with Fraud

    The SEC complaint alleges that Musk issued "false and misleading" statements and failed to properly notify regulators of material company events. Sources close to the company told CNBC the company was also expecting to be sued, though Tesla was not named as a defendant in the complaint. In...
  10. Auto Haulers to Musk, "What you smoking?"

    Auto Haulers Don't Know Anything About Elon Musk's Claimed 'Extreme Shortage' of Car Carrier Trailers Seems like an excuse for poor planning spin doctored by Musk into a some sort of positive news.
  11. Tesla Facing U.S. Criminal Probe

    "Musk mouth" can be a pro or a con. The "taking the company private, funding secured" tweet is still reverberating. So the DOJ is looking into this in addition to the SEC and of course there are the lawsuits. All are distractions from the business of making cars...
  12. Saudi Wealth Fund May be More Interested in Lucid Motors Than Tesla

    Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Competitors
    When Elon Musk tweeted that he was considering taking Tesla private at $420 a share with funding secured, he was banking on a cash injection from Saudi Arabia's Public Investment Fund (PIF) to make it happen. Taking Tesla private would require a multi-billion investment. Musk surmised that...
  13. Tesla drops $35k Model 3, gaslights everyone.

    Tesla drops $35,000 price from Model 3 page—insists plans haven’t changed, lol. Dropping the $35k affordable EV for the masses and then denying it was dropped can be called gaslighting. Gaslighting equals misdirection, distraction, and the deliberate denial of reality. So what Tesla once...
  14. Tesla Lost $568M in the Last Three Months

    Chevy Volt General Discussion, News, and Events
    Tesla  has announced its first quarter 2018 earnings. The company posted revenue of $3.408 billion, resulting in a net loss of $3.35 per share. Still, that beats analysts’ estimations of around $3.3 billion in revenue and $3.54 net loss per share.  Tesla  said automotive sales were up 19...
  15. Tesla Sued for $2 Billion by Nikola Motors for Patent Infringement

    Chevy Volt General Discussion, News, and Events
    Electric truck startup Nikola Motors is suing Tesla for patent infringement on its Class 8 semi design, seeking $2 billion in damages. Filed in Arizona federal court, Nikola is calling foul on Tesla’s nearly identical wraparound windscreen, mid-entry door, fuselage, side cladding, fender, and...
  16. Sell Your Tesla Shares: JP Morgan

    Chevy Volt General Discussion, News, and Events
    At least one investment banking company is saying to sell  Tesla  shares before it’s too late. J.P. Morgan has reaffirmed its underweight rating on Tesla shares, saying the American automaker’s sales will suffer once other luxury automakers get their electric vehicles released. “Tesla has, to...
  17. AV's: GM now the leader, Tesla, Apple dead last

    Autonomous Vehicle Technology
    Navigant considers GM to be the driverless car leader due to both its software sophistication and its ability to mass produce the cars (and solid state LIDAR) at scale. A new report from the consulting firm Navigant ranks the 19 major players in the emerging driverless car industry. Navigant...
  18. Musk: Great salesman. Tesla: Least capable automaker?

    The auto industry admires Tesla, envies Tesla, and ultimately wants Tesla to succeed. But the Model 3 proves that something the wider industry always suspected is true: Elon Musk is the greatest car salesman who has ever lived — but Tesla is currently one of the least capable automakers...
  19. The Tesla Design Language

    The secret to how Tesla gets its cars to look so good: Designer Franz von Holzhausen I wonder is GM looks at the new Tesla...
  20. Tesla to Build Factory in China

    Arrangement could enable electric-car maker to slash production costs, but would still likely incur 25% import tariff. Tesla Inc. has reached an agreement with the Shanghai government to set up its own manufacturing facility in the city, the Wall Street Journal reported Sunday, citing people...