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  1. General Motors and General Automotive Topics
    Anyone with a car that needs a replacement part now needs to worry whether the parts will be available. Some parts are seeing a wait time of 1-4 or more months. Naturally, the frustration and cost at being without a car for an extended period can turn to anger at the dealer or the car...
  2. General Motors and General Automotive Topics
    Besides automotive production disruptions caused by Covid, we now have the Russian Ukraine war. Supply chain disruptions are affecting palladium, iron, pig iron, nickel, aluminum, oil, navigation screens, chips, wire harnesses etc. These are affecting parts shortages of everything from catalytic...
  3. Other EVs PHEVs EREVs
    Stock down sharply on shareholder lawsuit about a price drop for the truck, plus a 50% slashed production report due to supply chain woes. Apparently some shareholder (and customers!) are unhappy about a price increase that Rivian is now rolling back. Ouch...
1-3 of 3 Results