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  1. The Tesla Design Language

    The secret to how Tesla gets its cars to look so good: Designer Franz von Holzhausen I wonder is GM looks at the new Tesla...
  2. Honda Accord Euro styling vs Chevrolet Volt styling

    Totally Off-Topic
    Has anyone noticed the outside exterior styling of the Honda Accord Euro is similar to the Volt? Because the Volt is not released in Australia yet whenever I see a Honda Accord Euro I picture the Volt straight away. But that's just me lol. I wonder if anyone else has noticed the similarities in...
  3. Ampera body-panel swaps?

    Chevy Volt Accessories and Modifications
    Has anyone thought of doing an Ampera conversion on their car? Personally, I think the Volt looks fine as it is, but the Ampera does have a unique look to it, and those with the means might consider it to differentiate their cars. I know some Dodge Magnum owners did a Chrysler 300 front clip...