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  1. Solar System Price Analysis

    Alternative Energy - Solar, Geo-Thermal, Bio-fuels
    When analyzing proposals for an installed residential solar panel system, my understanding is that the most relevant metric is $/watt. But which watt? Is it the system size, or is it the estimated annual production number? One of the challenges when researching solar PV systems is that prices...
  2. Solar: All In

    Alternative Energy - Solar, Geo-Thermal, Bio-fuels
    I leased a Volt three weeks ago, and am already considering installing a solar PV system (thanks in no small part to the GM-Volt community, who sparked my interest almost immediately; I've perused these forums daily for weeks, and am amazed at the level of knowledge and helpfulness). I'm in the...
  3. Better integration with my PV solar system

    Suggestions for GM - Chevy Volt
    Ok, the Volt is right now acting as a very nice "diversion load" for my full-campus PV solar system (it's charging now as I type). But it sure would be nice to be able to go the other way as well. One thing about home solar - you can't really design for that week of dark we get in February...