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  1. Bolt EV: Arctic range 132 miles

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    Chicago has been in the eye of the Polar Vortex this week. Today is -23°F/-31°C. So, how does the Bolt do in this weather with: Snow tires, Snow on the roads Seat heater on max, Steering wheel heater on Max defrost Air set at 66°F on automatic The battery range at full shows 132 miles after...
  2. Snow Tires for the Bolt EV

    Chevy Bolt EV Accessories, Mods, Wheels & Tires
    I just bought a set of steel wheels and Blizzak WS 80's for the Bolt today ( Last winter I had my wife drive my Volt (with snows). This year, we will both be equipped. The steel wheels were no heavier that the aluminum and even lighter than some! They can take a beating (potholes)...
  3. Winter Tire Suggestions

    Wheels & Tires - Chevy Volt
    I have purchased a spare set of stock wheels and I am looking for feedback on winter tires (215 55 17). General Altima Arctic 94Q $351.72 - the low price leader! goodyear ultra grip winter $434.52 yokohama ice guard IG52C $442.96 continental winter control $458.96 Blizzak ws80 94H $530.52...
  4. Thoughts on Winter Tires for Green Cars

    Wheels & Tires - Chevy Volt
    Since I did all this research on Winter Tires for my new car, I thought it might be helpful to others. The latest thing in Tires for fuel economy is Low Rolling Resistance (LRR), which can make a 5%-10% difference in range. The tires that come with the Chevy Volt are LRR, but All-Season or...
  5. Snow Tires Quote for 2013 Chevy Volt (Nokian)

    Generation 1 Volt (2011-2015)
    Hi all, I know it's early but since I got the hail damage ($3000) fixed at my local autobody and repair shop, I decided to get a quote for snow tires. The shop is almost walkable from my home and they offered to store a set of tires for each season if we go forward. I told the manager that...
  6. Snow Tires

    Wheels & Tires - Chevy Volt
    With the snow storm coming, I finally mounted my snow tires last night. Today, driving in the Chicago area felt very planted despite the slush and snow. The Blizzaks are a bit noisier, but the added traction is worth it. With warm weather forecast for the weekend, the snow tires will be off...
  7. Suggested snow tires?

    Chevy Volt Accessories and Modifications
    What high quality snow tires are suggested for the Volt? I'm looking for tires that are relatively quiet, give the best possible mileage per charge and are not too stiff.