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  1. Ready to take the Volt plunge. Is this a reasonable price goal?

    Buying, Leasing & Selling - Chevy Volt
    Been lurking around a few weeks and doing research for the last couple of months. I finally got all my ducks in a row to pull the trigger on a new 2016 Volt LT with no options. The final bit is to get my condo association to authorize an outlet and they seem amendable after I nudged them with...
  2. Survey of Volt Owners in San Francisco Bay Area

    Totally Off-Topic
    San Francisco Bay Area Chevy Volt Owners You are invited to participate in our survey of Electric Vehicle/Plug-in Hybrid EV owners. In this survey you will be asked to answer questions about how you use your car. It will take approximately ten minutes to complete the questionnaire. For each...