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  1. Use, Care & Maintenance - Gen 1 Chevy Volt
    Arrived home after work on Tuesday afternoon to hear a buzsaw sound coming from under the car (2012 78K miles). Took a video of the sound, went in the house to find it's a rather common issue with 2011, 2012 and some 2013 vehicles due to the plastic/nylon race/cage used for the bearings within...
  2. Mechanical Systems - Chevy Volt
    I took my 2012 Volt with 50+K miles on it in for inspection recently and they said the rear rotors were so badly rusted that they needed to be replaced to pass inspection. Neither the pads nor the rotors were badly worn. The mechanic took some time to explain the issue to me and apparently...
  3. Chevy Volt News, Events
    OK, so the brake job saga continues... Chevy Dealer A told me about two weeks ago that I need to replace the Volt's front brake pads because they were worn down, plus the rotors. Said the rotors cant be turned/resurfaced... because there's a special coating on the rotors. Price = +$600 Now...
1-3 of 3 Results