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  1. John Voelcker scores

    Totally Off-Topic
    John Voelcker scored a lot of reprint with this story: Romney Slams Tesla, Fisker Again In Final Presidential Debate
  2. Who wants a gas-guzzling dinosaur in his garage?

    General Motors and General Automotive Topics
    Those words came from Mitt Romney's dad in 1960 as he introduced the fuel efficient Rambler, achieving up to 51 MPG in some tests. Of course, those of us with a Volt that allows driving primarily on electricity agree with Mitt's dad. His Volt-bashing son? Not so much...
  3. Candidate Mitt Cartoons

    Politics, Finance, and Environment
    Given that the human weather vane has dissed the Volt, you may enjoy the following cartoons. HO HO HO Happy Holidays! Humorous Candidate Mitt Cartoons: