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rear wiper

  1. 6 month 2017 Volt owner, new GM-Volt member

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    At the beginning of July 2016 I changed from a 2011 Ford Fusion, 3.0 V6 that had AWD and routinely delivered no more than 21 MPG in mixed driving to a 2017 Volt Premier. I almost never use the back seat of my vehicles for passengers so I don't miss the Fusion's generous rear seating. My EV range...
  2. Rear wiper would be a plus

    Generation 2 Volt (2016-2020)
    Although I like so many features of my 2017 Volt Premier, one thing I'm beginning to not like is the lack of a wiper for the rear window. When driving in certain rain conditions, beads of water are not carried off fast enough by aerodynamic forces, resulting in very limited rear visibility --...
  3. Rear wiper idea

    Totally Off-Topic
    I was strolling around eBay and found this.... It looks like, if glass size is close, that this might fit into the narrow hatch frame. I'm not one for a rear wiper as they don't seem to work too well at high speeds. This does look as modern as the volt, in my opinion. Would you want a...