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political crossfire

  1. Had to Share this...

    I rarely laugh out load at work...but this flier almost made me wet myself. My favorite part was how people driving Teslas were supporting the war on Afghanistan.
  2. New Owner - I've put it through the paces

    Buying, Leasing & Selling - Chevy Volt
    FYI: This is not a picture of my car, but one just like it. I'm the new owner of a 2013 Cyber Grey with everything except Navigator. Here's a little of my experience with the ride so far: Purchased at Phillips Chevy in Frankfort, IL. Great dealership. Emir was very helpful. I would have bought...
  3. Volt Owners Not In Crossfire

    Totally Off-Topic
    Some of the anti-EV media outlets are spinning the Edmunds story as a means of frightening away potential Volt buyers. Note: Chevy Volt Owners Face Politically Motivated Attacks Here's the original story...