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  1. Plug Lubrication

    Problems, Driver Warnings or DTCs - Gen2 Volt
    My 2018 Volt plug-in to the car has always been a chore. After 10 months, I had hoped it would loosen up, but no dice. Any solutions to this issue? TIA
  2. Charger Plug broken. Warranty Coverage?

    Generation 1 Volt (2011-2015)
    The charger that came with my Volt appears to have broken inside the plug. It still works but I can't imagine this is safe. Since it's a certified pre-owned car is it possible this might be covered under warranty? I was going to superglue the one piece I still have then thought better. What if...
  3. Recommendation for a plug-in power meter that wont melt?

    Chevy Volt General Discussion, News, and Events
    OK my tale of woe continues on with my condo. The board still wont get off its butt and act to approve EV charging one way or the other. Ridiculous. Although our attorney has at least stated that, thankfully, even if the board does nothing at all, charging from the few 110 outlets in the...
  4. Is this my transmission drain plug not fully seated?

    Generation 1 Volt (2011-2015)
    So I just changed the engine oil in my 2013 Volt and noticed that this threaded plug looking thing was not fully seated and looking very peculiar. I don't think this is right. Can someone verify this is the transmission drain plug and that it's supposed to be seated or is this a feature I...
  5. SPX Voltec level 2 for sale, Clearwater FL, $250

    Chevy Volt Accessories and Modifications
    Hello all, After being a happy volt owner for just over 2 years, the Coast Guard is sending me to Alaska where fortunately I will live close enough to walk/bike to work, but unfortunately will no longer need the Volt. After trading it in for a Highlander Hybrid (if only the CrossVolt were a...
  6. Bosch Power xPress plug won't release from Volt

    Li-Ion Battery, Charging, Mgmt System - Chevy Volt
    Heading to the office this am I was disappointed to discover that I can't unplug the charger! I spent 40 minutes on the phone with Bosch techs. Then waited while the "A Team" from Al Serra came out to help. They don't have an answer. I'm unable to drive the Volt. I'm getting from Bosch that this...
  7. Toyota Prius Plug-In MPG Challenge’s First Winner Averages 356 MPGe

    Chevy Volt General Discussion, News, and Events
    Well here is the answer to the Prius Plug-in/Volt debate, Someone managed to average 356mpg in a plug-in Prius and it set a record and won some sort of Contest (I guess it would be hard to do with 11 mile range). How many average Volt drivers get this consistently or well beyond with out even...
  8. Newbie, 110v charging

    Newcomers to GM-VOLT.COM (See here for FAQs)
    Hi Everyone! If all goes well, I should be getting my 2013 by the end of the week. I am wondering if I "must" plug in the 110v charger in GFCI plug. I have a regular 3 prong to which I plug in a central vac and never have issues. Do you all think that will suffice? Or do I install a GFCI? I...

    Li-Ion Battery, Charging, Mgmt System - Chevy Volt
    I ran into my EVSE J1772 plug a while back and broke it right off. Took some time, but I finally figured out how they wired it, to include the LED for lighting. I've been writing about this in Mods and Hacks, but found this area and decided it needed to go here.. This is just the PLUG, not an...
  10. portable 220 volt EV charging possibilities

    Electric Vehicle Batteries & Plug-In Charging
    when can Volt fans get the 220v plug-in adapters Tesla provides. see below: