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  1. Electric Vehicle Batteries & Plug-In Charging
    As part of a long term shift to alternative energy markets, Shell says it will increase the number of electric vehicle charging points to 500,000 from 60,000 now. That may be by 2050, so don't get too excited just yet. This was part of a Shell announcement it hit peak oil in 2019...
  2. Chevy Volt News, Events
    Nicely done article posted today about Mr. EnergyCzar and his one year old Volt on Keep up the good work, Mister!
  3. Chevy Volt Engineering and Design
    Call me crazy but It seems I use about .2 KWH less for my 15 mile commute to work if I don't use the radio and have the lights shut during the daytime. I've replicated it several times. I know with lights and radio on if it's 50 F out in the morning I'll use 2.8 KWH for 15 miles and if it's 60...
  4. Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Competitors
    Forget the EV's range anxiety, the car is rendered useless during these more frequent power outages in the east. What do people do if the Leaf is their only car and they have no power for a week? MrEnergyCzar
  5. Generation 1 Chevy Volt (2011-2015)
    During the long power outage in the East I started charging my 1,500 watt portable battery using the DC outlet in the Volt. Does anyone know if you could use all three 12v outlets in the Volt at once to charge back-up batteries? Also, has someone put a DC to AC inverter in the Volt's 12v...
  6. Generation 1 Chevy Volt (2011-2015)
    During my third week I hit 50 miles of EV range. I think if you put it in drive on long downhills it appears to improve range versus having it in low and slightly pedaling it. Any thoughts? MrEnergyCzar
  7. Generation 1 Chevy Volt (2011-2015)
    I got these put on right after I got the Volt. I also attached my Volt test drive video for those that missed it yesterday. MrEnergyCzar
  8. Generation 1 Chevy Volt (2011-2015)
    In 2 weeks I drove 800 miles using exactly 1 gallon. Most everything I said in this video was from memory from what I learned from this forum. Let me know what you think and please share with others if worthy enough. Thanks, MrEnergyCzar
  9. Generation 1 Chevy Volt (2011-2015)
    I've had the Volt for 12 days and drove 700 miles on one gallon. I only have a charger at home but the charger at work is finally going in. I made 48 EV mile range once. Is there a 50 mile EV club? Someone could get 80 miles if they had access to a mountain decent road that took the long...
  10. Generation 1 Chevy Volt (2011-2015)
    The SPX charger was $500 plus $500 for a non-spx affiliated electrican to install the sub-panel and charger. No issues.
  11. Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Competitors
    We interrupt our regularly scheduled program here at GM/EV central to bring some disconcerting news: we just learned the electrification of transportation could be a wasted exercise because America will have all the petroleum it needs, and oil prices will decline because they always do. Since...
1-11 of 13 Results