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  1. Intermittent DTCs when charge cable connected, car immobilized. BDU relay jct block?

    Problems, Driver Warnings or DTCs - Chevy Volt
    Symptoms Plug car in: Windshield dashboard light remains yellow. No chirp to indicate charging. If open the door, DIC says "Not Able to Charge". After 15m or so, I receive a text message from OnStar saying "Your 2012 Volt is not charging due to an interruption..." After that, if I turn the...
  2. Check engine light was serviced (POD22) Now the car is using gas engine a lot more

    Problems, Driver Warnings or DTCs - Chevy Volt
    I had a check engine light that came on last week. I took it to the Grossinger Autoplex (GM Service in Chicago) yesterday. They state, "FOUND CODE P0D22. FOLLOWED SI DIAG TO REPROGRAM HPCM2. REPROGRAMMED HPCM2 W/ LATEST CALIBRATION. RETESTED. NO CODES SET. 2810265/0.4. I took it on the drive...
  3. Check Engine Light Codes P0D22 and P1E00

    Problems, Driver Warnings or DTCs - Chevy Volt
    2013 Volt - ~6k miles - Standard 120v charger So as the title says, I've received these codes from onstar. Running the remote diags have come back with them and the onstar rep told me if the car wasn't having issues charging, then there would be no need to service and the light would go away...
  4. Check Engine Lamp - P1E00 and P0D22

    Problems, Driver Warnings or DTCs - Chevy Volt
    Went to drive my brand new (<300mi) Volt today and found the Engine lamp lit. It still ran fine, so I went driving. I called OnStar while driving and they did a remote diagnostic (while I was driving) and told me it was the P1E00 and P0D22 codes: P1E00 - "The Vehicle's electric system is...