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  1. ISIS Just Jacked Up the Price of Your Summer Road Trip

    Totally Off-Topic Fortunately, the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant is powerless to affect the price of my daily commute...
  2. American/Saudi Rift

    Totally Off-Topic
    Our friends over at the Energy Policy Information Center have an interesting article discussing the prospect of Saudi Arabia driving up global oil prices If the American/Saudi Rift Deepens… Will Oil Prices Do the Talking? ... ... Read the full and complete article at...
  3. McKinsey Analysis: Beware the “Mirage” of Energy Abundance

    Totally Off-Topic
    A very interesting article from the Energy Policy Information Center discussing continuing high and volatile oil prices as well as, the effects on other commodities: Read the complete article...
  4. NATO On Collision Course with Russia, Iran: Oil Prices Affected

    Totally Off-Topic
    U.S., U.K. Pressure for Action on Syria Hits UN Hurdle filed under neurotoxins for children
  5. How are the events in Egypt shaping your view of the Volt?

    Politics, Finance, and Environment
    Okay, yes, I know I posted "Deciding Not to Buy a Volt - for Now" a while back, expressing my undying love for that gas-guzzling Japanese hot hatch, the Subaru WRX. I still think it would be a fun car to own & drive. But the unfolding situation in the Middle East has made me re-think my choices...