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oil imports

  1. Petroleum imports declining faster than petroleum import expenditures

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    Petroleum imports are declining faster than petroleum import expenditures; this is not a surprise as price-fixing foreign oil interests seek to extract more for less: Reducing America’s Dependence on Foreign Oil As a Strategy to Increase Economic Growth and Reduce Economic Vulnerability...
  2. Gasoline jump risks recovery. Go Volt!

    Politics, Finance, and Environment
    A reminder of why cars like the Chevy Volt are needed: "The greatest concern is that geopolitical strains in the Middle East will spill over into the oil market, pushing prices higher in a replay of last year's oil price spike," economists at Bank of America said in a note to clients. "Despite...
  3. U.S. Trade Deficit Widens on Oil, Car Imports

    Politics, Finance, and Environment
    "The U.S. trade deficit widened more than forecast in November as American exports declined and companies stepped up imports of crude oil and automobiles." The Volt cuts oil imports by...
  4. US trade deficit pushed up by rising oil import costs

    Politics, Finance, and Environment
    The US saw a widening trade deficit in March thanks largely to the increasing cost of the country's oil imports. However, excluding petroleum, the deficit had fallen since the month before on a seasonally-adjusted basis. So not only does the Volt...