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  1. I purchased a Volt

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    I have purchased a 2018 Volt Premier with ACC, color is mist green metallic. So far so good. Still making settings. The tax incentive issue pushed me over the edge. Paid $35K with $500 incentive from PG&E and $700 from Costco then $1500 from CA State and $7500 from Fed. I think it was a fair deal.
  2. Taking delivery of my 2015 Volt this week Cumming GA

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    Hi All, Finally my Volt is near. It is on the Truck and will be at the dealership tomorrow. I will most likely pick it up on Thursday night. I will let you know what my thoughts are as soon as I get it home. You all seem like a bunch of happy owners. I will be happy to pass gas. I am coming out...
  3. Time to buy a new volt?

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    Okay I am running some numbers and need a sanity check. Looking at new volts and prices are around 31,000-34,000. Fed rebate is 7.5k and IL state is 2.4K. This would leave a balance of 21,100-24,100. What are people seeing for trade-in values for 2013 volts (leather and heated seats) with...
  4. 2 Days with my new Volt.... Can I get any more excited?!?!

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    So yesterday I picked up my new 2014 Volt! I wasn't to happy that the dealership didn't give me a full charge was only at 30miles plus they didn't give me a full tank of gas it was only at 90% filled when I got home :( On the flip side when I made it home I still had 17 miles of electric left...
  5. New Owner - I've put it through the paces

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    FYI: This is not a picture of my car, but one just like it. I'm the new owner of a 2013 Cyber Grey with everything except Navigator. Here's a little of my experience with the ride so far: Purchased at Phillips Chevy in Frankfort, IL. Great dealership. Emir was very helpful. I would have bought...
  6. My 2012 Volt - Black / Black Leather - love it!

    Generation 1 Volt (2011-2015)
    Hi - Just received our car this week - simply love it so far - has met and exceeded all expectations. We were looking for a 2nd car and had been leaning towards a minivan or mid-size SUV...but we stumbled onto this particular Volt (low mileage / dealer demo) and fell in love with it - really...
  7. Our NEW VOLT!

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    Our salesman from MacHaik Chevrolet home-delivered our NEW 2013 Black Chevy VOLT on Wednesday afternoon! Two days of charging and driving to work, and the MPG just keeps going higher and higher! We love it! Larry & Becky Schuler Cedar Park, Austin, Texas
  8. It Is Official Now!!

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    The paperwork is signed!!:p We are the proud owners of C-0429! :D She is a beauty with the White Diamond all over ...just as many women would like to see!;) (okay...not quite all over like voltage962 has...but it will have to do for now!:) I am very fresh on the Volt learning curve - so please...
  9. My Volt ... initial experience

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    I had been in talks with a few dealerships around Arkansas and even into Texas about getting a Volt. When the 2011 colors were announced. I knew that I wanted a Cyber Gray Metallic Volt. Since Arkansas was not able to get an allocation for 2011, I was willing to wait for 2012. Then 2012 colors...
  10. 2012 Volts at $100 under MSRP!!!

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    Just an FYI... Abel Chevrolet in Rio Vista, CA is currently building a list of folks who would like to pre-order a 2012 Volt. The first ones will go to people living within a 100 mile radius of our dealership who have signed up on the list to ensure that we properly serve our local community...