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new volt owner

  1. Craig

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    Hi! Kay and I are new Volt owners. We purchased our 2017 Premier 5 days ago. Thus far, we have engaged the gas generator only on the drive home from the dealer who had not charged the battery prior to delivery. Everything is working fine on our Volt. We have a 2014 Prius. Clearly, the Volt...
  2. Volt Dude 'cause my first drive was 1200 miles

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    I kinda feel like I was initiated into being a new Volt owner by instantly driving her 1200 miles right off the lot. From LA to Idaho in early December. We hit beautiful southern CA weather, but the next day hit driving rain at Crescent City. We drove through mountain blizzards for a couple days...
  3. NEW OWNER in DuPage County, Illinois

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    I love my 2012 Volt so far..... 2 commutes to work , and NO gasoline! I purchased mine used from a dealer north of me. I think I good a good deal, which also included a Bosch wall charging unit. 2012 and only 12,000 miles. Beautiful car! I was apprehensive not knowing the condition of the...
  4. 26K LEAF miles, now a Volt owner

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    After driving north of 26,000 miles over 2-1/2 years in a leased LEAF, I just bought a black 2013 Volt. Yes. No, not kidding. Since we're confessing shocking things here, I'll add this for any Chevrolet guys who are lurking: This is my first American auto since owning a Pontiac in 1985. You did...
  5. New Owner (2014 Grey)

    Buying, Leasing & Selling - Chevy Volt
    Hi All, After few weeks of lurking here, I pulled the trigger and bought a new 2014 (Ashen Grey Metallic) Volt. The car was bought a week ago (Rydell - Northridge, CA), it has Premium Trim Package and Enhanced Safety Package 1. MSRP was $37K, I got a $4K discount... So, the price was $33K plus...
  6. Problems with ChargePoint Stations - Help!

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    Hello, Proud new Volt owner for the last month.....I have had no issues charging at home with supplied 110 volt unit. I used to be able to charge with 240V Chargepoint station where I work without any problems. For the last couple of weeks however when I plug my car in I get an error message...
  7. Hello and question about charging!

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    Hi! We just bought our 2013 Volt a few days ago and are very excited about it. We have some charging questions, however, we hope this forum can help us with. We have a driveway but no garage. The 110 volt charging cord doesn't reach our existing outdoor outlet so we are going to have to...
  8. Our NEW VOLT!

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    Our salesman from MacHaik Chevrolet home-delivered our NEW 2013 Black Chevy VOLT on Wednesday afternoon! Two days of charging and driving to work, and the MPG just keeps going higher and higher! We love it! Larry & Becky Schuler Cedar Park, Austin, Texas
  9. Picking-Up my 2012 on Wednesday

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    Looking forward to picking-up my 2012 Volt on Wednesday - happy with my deal as well. Got the Ally lease special for 24 months, and bought 7000 extra miles so I have 18,500/year (the $0.15/mile I paid is refundable if I don't use all of the 7,000 extra miles, no refund on anything below...
  10. Took delivery of the new 2012 fully loaded red Volt

    Generation 1 Volt (2011-2015)
    Hi Everyone, It finally happened. I took delivery of my new Volt last night. On March 31st ordered Viridian Joule with neutral leather and backup camera (no nav and no Bose). I found that driving my old Camry Hybrid became very annoying since that Volt test drive I did at the end of March. 40...