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new owner; 2014 volt

  1. Verge of buying 2014 Volt - 0% Financing from GM worth it?

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    Now that CA is issuing 15,000 more Green HOV Stickers, it is time to buy a new car. Based on my research, it came down to the Prius Plug In and the Volt. I chose the VOLT and now based on Tax incentives, will go for my first new car ever. Getting some good quotes ($32,000+ with leather) but...
  2. Hello everyone new owner here.

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    I am a new owner of a 2014 White Diamond Tricoat Volt as of last Friday. I am coming from a leaf that I had for 14 months. I have always been a fan of GM vehicles and decided it was time for a Volt. I love the car and the feature set is amazing. Hoping to continue to stay off gas, but it will be...