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  1. SEC charges Musk with Fraud

    The SEC complaint alleges that Musk issued "false and misleading" statements and failed to properly notify regulators of material company events. Sources close to the company told CNBC the company was also expecting to be sued, though Tesla was not named as a defendant in the complaint. In...
  2. Musk: Thai Rescuer a "Pedo". Oops!

    Live by Twitter, die by Twitter? Musk has been very successful in using social media to propel Tesla into the headlines time and again. However, he seems to have gone too far by libeling (twice) one of the Thailand cave rescuers. This will likely cast a negative shadow on Tesla and SpaceX to...
  3. Musk: Great salesman. Tesla: Least capable automaker?

    The auto industry admires Tesla, envies Tesla, and ultimately wants Tesla to succeed. But the Model 3 proves that something the wider industry always suspected is true: Elon Musk is the greatest car salesman who has ever lived — but Tesla is currently one of the least capable automakers...
  4. NHTSA Rebukes Tesla Over Non-Existent "5.4-Star" Safety Rating

    Story BY JOHN VOELCKER in 'Green Car Reports' Small and startup companies often resort to attention-getting publicity to further their causes. Occasionally they get their wrist slapped for overreaching. And that's what happened to Tesla Motors [NSDQ:TSLA] yesterday. In a statement both on...