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  1. Tesla building stores, shutting all stores, now...not?

    Add to that, dropping all prices 6%, now raising all prices 3%. Tesla has been wildly bouncing back and forth on it's store and pricing strategy of late. After bringing online a bunch of new stores, they announced they were closing almost all stores immediately to be able to sell a $35k Model...
  2. Model 3 Dirt Scoop

    I know some have found dirt above their Volt underbody air deflectors. This shop in Canada apparently regularly finds 20-40lbs scooped up by Tesla Model 3's due to sand on snowy roads. The mechanic thinks this scooping effect may have been the cause of bumpers falling off as well, due to the...
  3. Model 3 Wins Car Race, Disqualified for being an EV

    After being admitted to the Buttonwillow race, and then winning first place, the Model 3 was disqualified when the second place sore loser protested that the Tesla did not use gas or diesel, lol. What a great story. Admitting the car on the expectation it would lose, and then kicking out the EV...
  4. Tesla Offering $45k Model 3 with 260 mile range

    Tesla M3 with 260 mile range for $45k, delivery in 6 - 10 weeks.
  5. Tesla Model 3 Safety Rating

    Telas is claiming the Model 3 has “the lowest probability of injury of all cars the safety agency has ever tested.” Here's the details on that claim, along with videos, charts, and illutrstions:
  6. Auto Haulers to Musk, "What you smoking?"

    Auto Haulers Don't Know Anything About Elon Musk's Claimed 'Extreme Shortage' of Car Carrier Trailers Seems like an excuse for poor planning spin doctored by Musk into a some sort of positive news.
  7. Tesla Model 3 Making its European Debut This Month

    Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Competitors
    The Tesla Model 3 is poised to make its European debut this month at the 2018 Goodwood Festival of Speed.  The American electric automaker will present its compact sedan at the annual motorsports gathering, which will be held from July 12th through to the 15th. While some Model 3s have been...
  8. Musk: Great salesman. Tesla: Least capable automaker?

    The auto industry admires Tesla, envies Tesla, and ultimately wants Tesla to succeed. But the Model 3 proves that something the wider industry always suspected is true: Elon Musk is the greatest car salesman who has ever lived — but Tesla is currently one of the least capable automakers...
  9. Elon Musk Faces Cash Squeeze at Tesla, SolarCity

    Two pillars of the entrepreneur’s empire are facing financial crunches as he seeks to combine the two companies through a controversial acquisition. The company is having difficulty tapping the public markets amid the proposed merger and is facing a liquidity squeeze, the filing indicated...
  10. What to do while waiting for the Tesla Model 3?

    Buying, Leasing & Selling - Chevy Volt
    I’m sure many of you are wanting the Tesla Model 3. I’ve made my reservation the day it was unveiled. My Nissan Leaf lease ends in 1 month. I was thinking the Volt was to be my gap car until the M3 came out. I was going to lease a Volt 2017, but the deals are just TERRIBLE here in GA. It...
  11. Model 3 Variant

    Tesla may produce a high end variant of the Model 3 with: 80 kWh battery for 300 mile range Capable of 0-60 mph in under 4 seconds All wheel drive All of this for a guesstimate of $60K. If they build this car people will buy them...
  12. Tesla hype watch

    "The Model 3 doesn't exist yet, neither in a final production version or actually in production. Nor will it be reaching the road any time soon. During the introductory event Thursday, Musk said he felt "fairly confident" that deliveries would start by the end of 2017. But no guarantees."...
  13. Musk: Model 3 production in "about" 2 years

    Musk tweeted on Wednesday that production of the Model 3 will begin in "about 2 years," explaining that the timing is dependent on Tesla's Gigafactory battery manufacturing plant in Nevada. So that's sometime in 2017 with wiggle room for 2018...
  14. Model 3 Unveiled at Last!

    Other EVs PHEVs EREVs
    Shorter and fatter, with 265 mile range. But there is a catch...