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  1. Problems, Driver Warnings or DTCs - Gen 1 Volt
    2014 VOLT. 56000 miles. About 50% electric/ 50% gas miles. Today, my car went to the dealer for the second time, same symptoms. For the first 50000miles or so, my car charged from 38-43 miles, whether on 120 or 240 volt charger. In December, I parked the car for three weeks at San Francisco...
  2. Chevy Volt News, Events
    When I first got my 2016 Volt several months ago, the EV range when fully charged showed 48EV. Over the next month, each time I charge the EV range increased until it was amost 70 EV. The car sat idle for a few months (due to ilness) and now I am driving again, however, the EV at fully charged...
1-2 of 2 Results