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  1. Tesla wins right to sell direct in Michigan

    The car dealers lost one. Tesla’s settlement with Michigan will allow the company to sell and service its cars in the state without being forced to go through a car dealer. About time. Rivian next?
  2. VerticalScope: Static websites are best :-)

    Buying, Leasing & Selling - Chevy Volt
    Hey everyone just trying to spot any potential good deals on Volts in Michigan to lease at prices under $250 a month. I hate that we can't go to other states to pick up a lease and bring it back or I would be driving to go get one for cheaper. A few deals I'm seeing is around $300 for these and...
  3. Michigan Volt Deals

    Buying, Leasing & Selling - Chevy Volt
    Hello Michigan Drivers!! I'm wondering what deals we are finding here in Michigan? I have 2014 and I'm starting to do my homework looking for what are some possible deals are on the market.. Please let me know which location and monthly payments also did you skip out of Michigan and buy from...
  4. Motor City Noob

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    Picked up a Red 2012 Premium this week. So far so good.
  5. Crony Capitalism: Michigan to require all sales thru franchises

    Another midnight back-room politics deal aimed at "protecting the consumer". The bill awaiting the governor's sig would bar any car company from selling direct to consumer even if they never had any dealers. Hmmm, who would this law apply to? Of course, selling to a government agency is...
  6. One month with my VOLT... No turning back!!

    Generation 1 Volt (2011-2015)
    So it's been 1 month with my Volt and below I have posted some great stats that I been collecting Electric Miles driven = 835.1 Gas Miles driven = 51.1 Car Read out = 929.3mil 4.3gal 212mpg **43.1mil were put on by dealership** First months electric bill = $108.71 Last months electric bill =...
  7. New Volt owner how to lower engine temp

    Chevy Volt General Discussion, News, and Events
    I'm picking up my new Volt today and well this Michigan weather is very very cold... My question to everyone is how do you lower the engine temp so that in cold weather the gas engine wont kick on only the battery will start? Thanks Mike!!
  8. Used L2 chargers in Michigan for sale

    Chevy Volt General Discussion, News, and Events
    Does anyone know of a location that I can pick up a used L2 charger or is selling their old one? I been searching the net for a while and I really don't see any used ones out there... I guess people LOVE there EV cars and not parting with them right now... I have a few in mind that I will buy if...
  9. Electric Cars in Important Show: Plymouth, MI 7/28/13

    Chevy Volt General Discussion, News, and Events "Both the Baker and the Volt, along with nearly two dozen other electrics, will star in Sunday’s 35th annual Concours d’Elegance of America in Plymouth. For the first time, the...
  10. New Volt Owner, Need Insurance Advice

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    Hello all, Name's Manny, and I just signed off on a 2013 Cyber Grey Chevrolet Volt. Along with checking in on this forum periodically, I will be logging my time with my Volt in the months and years to come on, where I write. I'm a SE Michigan resident and you can usually find...
  11. New Volt Owner

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    Hi All, I've been on this forum for a little while. Was actually on the waiting list for the 2011 Volt but didn't pull the plug (pun) until now. Proud owner of a Red Volt with the Black Wheels. Looks pretty nice. I'll update pics soon. cp64 p.s. I took a tour of the Volt assembly plant...
  12. Survey from U-Michigan?

    Generation 1 Volt (2011-2015)
    Got an email this morning that begins: Dear Electric Vehicle Customer, In an effort to better understand the needs of electric vehicle customers, the University of Michigan Ross School of Business is conducting a research study with customers who have expressed an interest in or purchased...
  13. New Summit White Volt 704 MPG

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    So I've had my 2012 Summit White Volt for amost two weeks... and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. I've been watching this site since it was formed and have always wanted this car and I can't tell you how happy I am to now see it in my garage each morning! I have been actively shopping for about a year...