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  1. Henrik Fisker Speaking Event in Los Angeles

    Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Competitors
    On August 27th, 2016, Henrik Fisker will be speaking about the future of automobiles. The free event is the Fourth Annual Woodland Hills Drive Electric Event, at El Camino Real High School. There will be lots of vehicles to test drive, and booths where you can learn about solar panels, and event...
  2. Wanted: Lease Takeover Chevy Volt in LA/OC (<24 months, >700 miles/month)

    Buying, Leasing & Selling - Chevy Volt
    Hello, I am looking to take over a lease for a Chevy Volt. My timing is flexible but I want to start seeing what's out there. All model years will be considered. Specifically I'm interested in... 700+ miles/month allowance and no more than 24 months left on the lease. Additionally, if you have...
  3. Nov 19 Los Angeles Excusive Volt Owner Event

    Chevy Volt General Discussion, News, and Events
    Has anyone been seeing these posts on twitter inviting current volt owners to an excusive Chevy Event on Nov 19 in Los Angeles? Could this be a pre-viewing of the 2016 Volt? Anyone on this forum got an invite?
  4. Almost new Volt owner Los Angeles, CA

    Newcomers to GM-VOLT.COM (See here for FAQs)
    I am new to the forum and have received a couple (what I think are good) offers on a 2013 Volt base model. Hope to pick one up within the next 2 days... possibly tonight. Here's the best offer I've received so far. The other offer is within $10/month. $2500 down 15K miles Payment: $252.74 /...
  5. Volt rentals in Los Angeles?

    Chevy Volt General Discussion, News, and Events
    Hello: I was wondering if there are any (other) Volt rentals in the LA area? Last year, I rented a Volt from, but it was quite expensive $100/day + insurance/taxes, and was looking for something a little less expensive. I found, a peer to peer car...
  6. Looking for LA area Volt owners for photoshoot!

    Chevy Volt General Discussion, News, and Events
    We are doing a photoshoot with pro car photographer Peter Dawson ( ) this coming weekend June 4th and 5th in Los Angeles at a studio on West Pico Blvd. And we are reaching out to VOlt owner to feature their Volt as part of the shoot. You would only need to have the car there...
  7. Volt Sighting!

    Chevy Volt General Discussion, News, and Events
    I work at LAX. There is a row of EV charging stations next to a parking garage. I often see EV Rav 4s there. Today a black Volt was plugged in for several hours, then disappeared not long before I went home. I don't know if you can connect your car to these chargers and fly away for a while, or...