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  1. Problems, Driver Warnings or DTCs - Gen 1 Volt
    My12 has around 83k, starting notice this summer when was hot but now it's oposite, cold and same thing happening. My routine is drive 8km, use around 1.4-1.9 depending on the weather, make a short stop, then go back 8km where I loose 1 bar and 1kwh in first 3-500meters. People around here say...
  2. Problems, Driver Warnings or DTCs - Gen 1 Volt
    Since this autumn, I don't know for shore if the weather is the reason but my Ampera ICE start to kick in on 9.4khw used or even lower, but in the summer I get 10.2, even 10.5 once. I try to fully discharge and fully charge over night for last week in hope to reset maybe the computer but no...
  3. Li-Ion Battery, Charging, Mgmt System - Chevy Volt
    Some Volt drivers (wrongly) assume that "kWh used" estimate can show or imply battery degradation. This is a complicated topic and has resulted in numerous threads from concerned drivers. Below is a summary of those threads. What is the "kWh used" estimate and where is it displayed? The Chevy...
1-3 of 3 Results