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  1. Chevy Volt News, Events
    OK my tale of woe continues on with my condo. The board still wont get off its butt and act to approve EV charging one way or the other. Ridiculous. Although our attorney has at least stated that, thankfully, even if the board does nothing at all, charging from the few 110 outlets in the...
  2. Generation 1 Chevy Volt (2011-2015)
    I just wanted to provide this warning to anyone using a Kill-A-Watt meter with their 120V charger...don't do it! I have been using my Kill-A-Watt for at least 4-5 months. It seemed to work fine with little excess heat, that is, until yesterday. I had been charging for about 4 or 5 hours...
  3. Li-Ion Battery, Charging, Mgmt System - Chevy Volt
    I have an extra Kill-a-Watt lying about, so I'd kind of like to plug it in-line with the 120v EVSE when I get a Volt. This would permit me to measure actual power consumption, as well as monitor line voltage at any time, with just a button press. However, since the EVSE will be pulling 12+...
1-3 of 3 Results