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  1. $1000 Private offer

    Buying, Leasing & Selling - Chevy Volt
    Looking to buy Volt and started browsing Chevrolet; Private offer popped up. Filled in the detail, received email; clicked on the pdf but it shows authorization code as blank and PIN as 0000 I thought I screwed up something so rebooted laptop and again started browsing in incognito. Voila...
  2. Leasing experience - Keyes Van Nuys

    Buying, Leasing & Selling - Chevy Volt
    My friend and I leased two Volt cars on the weekend (12/13) from Keyes. I live in Orange county (CA) and searched a lot in OC. The least I got was $267. Finally leased the car from Keyes for $214+tax for 12000 miles. Barbara helped with paperwork and she was great. We had a long chat with Rick...
  3. Fly and Buy with Keyes

    Buying, Leasing & Selling - Chevy Volt
    Flew down to Keyes from Reno, NV yesterday to pick up my new 2014 Volt. Worked with Nick who went so far as to do a dealer trade in order to secure a Volt with the configuration I wanted (Red, Beige Leather, Safety1). He was prompt in answering extensive txts about any questions we had (of which...
  4. Kudos to Rick @ Keyes

    Buying, Leasing & Selling - Chevy Volt
    Thank you, rick for helping with my volt lease. I picked up a '14 black, bl leather, safety 1+2, Bose, nav, cargo net yesterday I started texting rick ~3-4 weeks ago. He was always prompt and straightforward with his responses. He recognized that a car buyer has to test the water with any...
  5. My 2014 Volt Pics on day 5.5

    Generation 1 Volt (2011-2015)
    Hi All, I posted my recent positive car buying experience from Keyes Chevy here: So now I thought I show her off a little:cool:!-The-Keyes-Chevy-Team-Rocks!!! Next week she get 3M Crystalline tint on all windows then she will...
  6. I got my 2014 Volt! The Keyes Chevy Team Rocks!!!

    Buying, Leasing & Selling - Chevy Volt
    I am a very happy and satisfied new 2014 Volt owner! I owe the team at Keyes Chevy a HUGE Thank You for the awesome deal (Rick Alpern) and totally satisfying purchasing experience. I sure never said that about buying a car before! Really no BS; Rick Alpern quoted $3,000 back of invoice on 2014...
  7. Please caption this pic...

    Generation 1 Volt (2011-2015)
    These cars were parked within 200 yards of eachother. This was about 3 miles from our house in SoCal. I believe one of the silver Prius in back was mine 19 days ago. :cool:
  8. What Numbers Would you Bring to Dealers

    Buying, Leasing & Selling - Chevy Volt
    Hi Internet. I want to start calling dealers with my own numbers on a 36 month lease @ 10k miles/year. Rather than have them offer up deals, I'd like to say "here's what I'm offering––can you do it?" I just don't know what I should offer so thought I'd crowdsource it. Looking for Premium Trim...
  9. Keyes Rick Alpern Issue Hoping to resolve and buy

    Buying, Leasing & Selling - Chevy Volt
    I am in Rancho Mirage three hours away and trying to work a deal to buy a base Volt today with someone in Socal. Rick Alpern the sales manager will not give me the current numbers on a Volt and says I have to drive there. Once a person drives three hours to get to the dealer they are going to...