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  1. Iran Roundup: Russian Women, Naval Maneuvers, etc.

    Politics, Finance, and Environment
    The occasionally humorous Iranian news roundup: Russian Women Exert Corrupting and Negative Impact ***** Iran Suggests Attacks on Computer Systems Came From the U.S. and Israel...
  2. $7.00+ A Gallon Gasoline Increasingly Likely

    Totally Off-Topic
    As Foreign Policy's August 31st coverage of the international community's showdown with Iran makes clear, war is increasingly likely. After the report was issued, the Obama Administration explicitly warned Iran that time is running out. Once the Iranian nuclear facilities are attacked by...
  3. Gas Prices Rise, Chevy Volt Owners Shrug

    Electric Vehicle Batteries & Plug-In Charging
    Electric prices remain stable while gas prices rise fueled by speculators, market jitters, improving economy. Decoupling my auto fuel costs from the whims of an Iranian cleric was one reason I bought a Volt. While we see politicians take cheap shots at the Chevy Volt technology as an...
  4. Gasoline jump risks recovery. Go Volt!

    Politics, Finance, and Environment
    A reminder of why cars like the Chevy Volt are needed: "The greatest concern is that geopolitical strains in the Middle East will spill over into the oil market, pushing prices higher in a replay of last year's oil price spike," economists at Bank of America said in a note to clients. "Despite...