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  1. Chevy Volt Documentary

    Generation 1 Volt (2011-2015)
    Hi everyone, my name is Jonny Stewart and I'm looking to talk to Volt drivers in the LA area and interview them on camera talking about their Volt, why they bought one, and their general experience and satisfaction with it. Hopefully you love it! This is an internal piece for a presentation to...
  2. First Volt Owner on PBS Nightly Business Report

    Chevy Volt General Discussion, News, and Events
    On Friday, January 21, Jeff Kaffee, the first Volt owner is introduced by Susie Gharib for Nightly Business Report on PBS. Jeff did a great job talking and showing the nation how the Volt handles and operates after a month behind the wheel. The video of the interview is amazing, as he is allowed...
  3. One-on-One with Jon Lauckner, VP of Global Program Management, Part 1

    Chevy Volt General Discussion, News, and Events
    Jon Lauckner is GM's VP of Global Program Management, and is reported to by all of the vehicle line directors including Frank Weber, the VLE for Chevy Volt/E-Flex. I had the wonderful opportunity to visit Mr. Lauckner in his office and the chance to sit down with him for a 45 minute chat about...