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  1. service guy vs me: who is the moron?

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    Hi folks, I own a 2017 Volt. I took it in to the dealer for oil change and tire rotation and asked if there were any software updates. The called one of their Volt experts who told me (with a typically mechanics straight face) that they don't do updates because it may make my Volt operate in...
  2. Engine Replacement

    Generation 1 Volt (2011-2015)
    Found out from GM I have a blown head gasket and a leaking rear main on my GEN1 Volt. GM wanted $3300 just to do the Head gasket. I located a totaled Volt near near that has a completely crushed rear end with 37,621 on the OD. I paid ($538.75) for the motor on the spot and will be going to pick...
  3. 2011 volt driver

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    And a question. Has anyone successfully changed a 12V battery themselves? I can't find a how to, and I have a new battery sitting in wait. Do I need any special tools?