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  1. ? Buying, Selling, Tax Credit, Fees - Chevy Volt
    I have a Black 2016 Volt LT with the HOV stickers, anyone recommend a site to sell it on, and craigslist were what I was going to try out. Any thoughts on ebay? How much do you think ballpark I would get for it, will people pay that much extra for the hov stickers since they have run...
  2. ? Buying, Selling, Tax Credit, Fees - Chevy Volt
    Hello All, I'd like to see if someone can provide an advice or a bit of info here... I am trying to figure out if I would be able to get HOV / Carpool Stickers for California if I was going to buy a 2015 Volt today. I have a 100+ mile round trip daily commute and would love to have stickers...
1-2 of 2 Results