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  1. OT -- Great Read re EV1 "The Car That Could"

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    Just finished an excellent book detailing the history of the development of the EV1 and American EV technology in general. "The Car That Could" by Shnayerson in 1996. Truly eye opening. Amazing details on EV and battery tech. My gd these cars shuffle around 100,000 watts of electricity and...
  2. "She beats the gassers and the rail jobs"

    Totally Off-Topic
    Anyone Interested In The GTO Being Resurrected As A Voltec Muscle Car? Ronnie & The Daytonas: On January 15th (last Tuesday), the United States Patent and Trademark Office registered "GTO" to General Motors. G.M.'s most recent registration...
  3. History of Electric Cars: 1959-1960

    Totally Off-Topic
    53-years ago, in 1959 and 1960, there were several efforts to bring electric cars to market. Among these, the Henney Kilowatt was produced in small numbers: has an interesting write up on the vanished Nic-L-Silver Pioneer...