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    My name is Robert. I am new to the GM-Volt Forum. I own a 2012 Volt, which I purchased used from a dealership after it had just returned from a lease. I have owned it for over two years now. I purchased the extended warranty, which expired just 49 days ago. I love my car and have been happy...
  2. YAY! Our Volt is on the Pier! Can pick it up now!! :-)

    Buying, Leasing & Selling - Chevy Volt
    Some of you know the saga that has been the last 5 weeks waiting, and wagering, and bargaining, and getting approved 3 different times!! But Today is finally the day we get our 2013 Volt!! I am so excited. I will post a few pics later, when we take a nice cruise down to the beach with our new...