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heat settings

  1. Fan Only provides plenty of heat (after engine warm)

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    This is my second winter of driving my Volt. I did not realize last winter that I could get heat with Fan Only. I always used ECO to get heat. My drive is 56 miles round trip and I usually get 28-34 electric miles when the temperature is in the 20-30s. This winter, by chance, I selected FAN...
  2. Great cold weather experience and thought about some recent threads

    Generation 1 Volt (2011-2015)
    It was 21 degrees this morning in Acton (MA, not ME or CA). Beautiful, clear, with light frost on the paint, but not the windows (yea!). I have my system set to only use the ICE for supplemental heat below 15 because I have a 17-21 mile commute (depending on route) and can make the whole...