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  1. Driving In Hold Mode - Strategy

    Newcomers to GM-VOLT.COM (See here for FAQs)
    This is a newbie question. When driving in Hold mode freeway merging seems to be down on power. Does Hold mode limit the car to using only the 55 kw/ 74 hp generator motor for propulsion? That would explain the sluggishness when merging in Hold mode. Maybe a better strategy would be to...
  2. Have your 2017 Volt Power your Home in the event of a power outage emergency

    Suggestions for GM - Chevy Volt
    Hello Forum Members: Would anyone like to help me in showing me how to use the Chevy 2017 Volt to run my home's electrical needs in the event of a power outage? I have a 50 amp line put in to charge the Volt, is there a way to get the Volt to run the current the opposite direction after a...
  3. Disconnecting Generator

    Chevy Volt Accessories and Modifications
    Removing safety lock How can I remove the safety lock, which will not allow the vehicle to charge while driving. I am modifying the car and need it removed.
  4. EMM/FMM and Electricity Generation

    Propulsion Systems - Chevy Volt
    I just had my first EMM since I've been using my OBD to monitor things. I was under the impression that EMM simply switched to gas mode to get things running, and otherwise normal operation, despite having battery left over. And that any unused power from the engine spinning the generator would...
  5. You CAN Manually Rev the ICE! I did not know that!

    Generation 1 Volt (2011-2015)
    I may have missed this before, and I searched the forum, but I witnessed something I didn't know existed.. until yesterday. CONDITIONS: Range= zero Our '13 was in "Park" with car powered on (b/c of dead battery in CS mode.) ICE was off for at least 12 minutes after parking, then came on to...
  6. Drivetrain generator

    Newcomers to GM-VOLT.COM (See here for FAQs)
    I'm interested in buying a new Volt. I'm currently working on what I call a CRT (continuous Revolution Terminus) basic concept is volt generator would be driven by gear case attached to rt front drive axle. I don't understand why GM didn't set up a system that drives the generator when the...
  7. Generator continues to run after 'shutting off car' and going inside.

    Mechanical Systems - Chevy Volt
    Hi All- Came home tonight and ran out of battery power a mile away from home, so generator kicked on. I arrived home, shut off the car, plugged in the charger and went inside. I came outside about an hour later and the generator was still running- I had to start car and switch to battery power...
  8. Heavier than my Mercury Station Wagon? Yikes!

    Suggestions for GM - Chevy Volt
    I thought Lithium batteries were about 100 W-hr/lb; which would make the Volt battery about 160 lbs. So why is the curb weight 3780 lbs? That's 300 lbs more than my Mercury Sable Station Wagon! One suggestion is to minimize the gas engine. Driving at 70 MPH takes about 25 kW (33 HP)...
  9. Power My House with My Car

    Suggestions for GM - Chevy Volt
    A good generator that is used when the power is out costs a couple of thousand dollars. Given the recent ABB/GM release regarding the possibility of recycling Volt batteries to power houses, I wonder if GM engineers could allow any Volt to actually be used as a generator to temporarily power a...
  10. Charging with Generator

    Generation 1 Volt (2011-2015)
    I know that the Owners Manual says that you can't charge with a generator. Woke up this morning with no power in the house. I have been considering a whole house generator, but am wondering if the warning for the Volt is strictly for the small portable generators, or for all generators...