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  1. ? Buying, Selling, Tax Credit, Fees - Chevy Volt
    Hi, I'm considering buying this high mileage volt, see link posted for $14,000 including taxes and fees. Other people on the forum have mentioned that the mileage matters far less than the year of the car, as the EV battery wears down with age, and the miles can go upwards of 300K with proper...
  2. Accessories, Apps, Modifications - Gen 1 Volt
    Hi all, I have a Gen 2 which has suffered some ghastly paint scratches and interior scuffs from cramming bikes into the back (my sister and I share the blame). It's also a nightmare, takes around 10 minutes, requires that EVERYTHING come out of the trunk and backseat, and, more often than not...
  3. Generation 2 Chevy Volt (2016-2020)
    A good basic overview of the features, pros and cons of the Gen2 Volt for anyone considering buying a Volt:
  4. Generation 2 Chevy Volt (2016-2020)
    I am looking for the wiring color and possibly the pinouts for the front headlamp connection to the headlamp assembly. This has 6 wired pins in a 8 pin connector, with 6 wires. There are 3 bulbs, low beam, high beam, and turn signal. Are there 3 grounds in this bundle?
  5. Accessories, Apps, Modifications - Gen 2 Volt
    We just traded our '14 Volt for a '17 Premier model and would like to know if our old GM-sourced tight-fitting Gen1 car cover will fit our Gen2? If not, what is the best price you have seen from a GM dealer? (My wife says that $395 is out of the question!) Are there any aftermarket suppliers...
  6. Generation 2 Chevy Volt (2016-2020)
    A number of people have mentioned they have experienced "Chuggle" on their 2016 Gen 2 Volt. I'd like to know how widespread this is. Chuggle is a surging sensation that occurs when driving with the ICE in operation and is most noticeable when driving on smooth roads between 35 and 65 MPH...
  7. Generation 2 Chevy Volt (2016-2020)
    Re: Gen2 Lease Question Hi, Two weeks ago, I leased a 2016 Volt, and completely love the car. During the sales presentation, the dealer repeatedly mentioned the $7,500 Federal tax credit as a key incentive (on top of the State of CA rebate, HOV stickers, Costco deal, etc.), and said I'm...
  8. ? Buying, Selling, Tax Credit, Fees - Chevy Volt
    I'm in SoCal and already ordered my Gen2 '16. I'm eager, impatient and looking forward to my gen2 however If there is a exceptional deal to good to pass up on a '15 please post it here!
  9. Generation 2 Chevy Volt (2016-2020)
    Greetings, I would like to share some photos & comments from a very special event that Chevrolet hosted today in Los Angeles for some selected Volt owners. DonC (Moderator) and I were invited to the event that was held in an undisclosed studio space in downtown hollywood. The excitement...
1-9 of 9 Results