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  1. Why I, who love my Volt, ordered a Tesla Model 3

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    I've had a Volt, one of the first Gen 2s, for almost three years. What a great car. When it is running on electricity, I love it. And when on gas, I'm grateful it is so flexible, even if I like being on electricity better. When it was time for a new car (I have leased the Volt), I wanted more...
  2. Volt likely to to get new platform by 2015 model year

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    It would appear the only way a redesigned Generation 2 Volt will not be a fact by model year 2015 is if GM decides to retain the Volt's existing platform shared with the Cruze, and lets the Cruze platform evolve beyond it. Does that sound likely for GM's "halo" Volt? If not, then it should...
  3. Chevy Volt – <em>Gen-Two Upgradability Inside</em>

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    A methodical teardown and analysis by a team of automotive engineers has revealed the Volt to be at least as advanced as some of you already know it is, and it appears also to have been designed from its inception for future upgrades. The teardown was the sort of thing automakers more often do...
  4. GM insider says Volt production cost will decrease, engineering will improve

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    Intending to spur interest for its present production, GM has tried to cap information leaks about next-generation Chevrolet Volts, but last week a few tidbits were revealed about both Generation 2 and 3. According to Alan Taub, GM vice president for global research and development, Chevrolet...