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    Seeing as the Bolt(s) aren't doing huge business in the US, could the more attractive Menlo serve as a second Chevy EV, perhaps incorporating the Bolt's battery tech? I read on Wikipedia that it can do around 250mi on a full charge and it looks a lot better than the Bolt to my eyes. I don't...
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    With the continuous improvements in e-vehicle battery research & development, I hope that when the time comes when I must replace the battery in my 2017 Gen-2 Volt that it will be a battery upgrade, enabling a longer range and faster chargeability.
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    Hi Just leased a 2013 Volt for two years and love the car. Soliciting thoughts on the future used Volt market. Background: My intention when I leased was that if I liked the Volt is that I would simply buy it out at the end of the two year term. I was a but surprised when my salesman (who...
1-3 of 3 Results