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  1. 45mi fully charged? (OnStar App indicates 45mi EV range fully charged)

    Generation 2 Volt (2016-2020)
    Hi everyone, New 2016 Volt owner / news :rolleyes: Just wanted to ensure that my pack is solid, it indicates 45mi EV range full charged. I'm assuming it's not indicating 53mi due to chilly temperate (60F) in SoCal right now and my spirited driving :D:confused: Just making sure this is...
  2. When fully charged but still plugged in, is it still costing KWh $$$ ?

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    I read that the Volt should always be plugged in (something about keeping the battery at the correct temperature, especially in hot and cold weather). So, if it is already fully charged, is the electric company still charging me because it is plugged in? Thank you in advance! This forum is great!