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  1. The Truth about Hydrogen EV's

    Alternative Energy - Solar, Geo-Thermal, Bio-fuels
    Interesting review of hydrogen fuel cell EV's vs. battery EV's The usual anti-EV comments follow the video.
  2. Do I Actually Need Premium Fuel?

    Chevy Volt General Discussion, News, and Events
    This topic pops up every few months or so on this forum. This is a link to a blog I follow (among others) for DIY tips for my ICE-powered vehicle. Bottom line: Read (and follow) your owner's manual. The author is a mechanical engineer, not a petroleum or automotive engineer, that just happens...
  3. Which kind of fuel?

    Which kind of fuel are you using with your Volt? 87, 89 or 91. Did you made some tests regarding the l/km depending the fuel used?
  4. Tonight on MythBusters - Hypermiling Part Deux!

    Totally Off-Topic
    Airing tonight (June 12th, 2013) - three more attempts to increase fuel efficiency: 1. Driving slower (45, 55 & 65 MPH - umm, why is this a myth?) 2. Removing the sideview mirrors (over my dead body!) 3. Not using brakes (I think they mean minimizing brake use)...
  5. Who wants a gas-guzzling dinosaur in his garage?

    General Motors and General Automotive Topics
    Those words came from Mitt Romney's dad in 1960 as he introduced the fuel efficient Rambler, achieving up to 51 MPG in some tests. Of course, those of us with a Volt that allows driving primarily on electricity agree with Mitt's dad. His Volt-bashing son? Not so much...
  6. Drivers Waste Fuel, Cars Don’t

    Chevy Volt Engineering and Design
    One of the remarkable aspects of the Volt is the feedback the dash provides on your fuel efficiency. The Volt subtlety trains the driver behavior to be more efficient (less wasteful) when it comes to the power used to drive the car. Both my wife and I have become more efficient drivers as a...