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  1. Ford focus electric

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    Hi all. I just signed a 3 year lease on a focus electric for my wife to replace her Prius. I couldn't pass up a $12,000 incentive. $330 per month with $0 down. I would have gotten another volt, but my wife didn't want two of the same car, and she typically drives around 50 miles. I have...
  2. Ford calls out competitors to Focus Electric and C-Max hybrids

    Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Competitors
    Ford may be coming late to the electrified vehicle party, but as housewarming gifts, it said yesterday its Focus Electric will offer a class-leading 100 mile per gallon equivalent (MPGe), and its two C-MAX hybrids are ready to take on the Volt and Prius. Mentioning other competitors they edge...
  3. Focus Electric 240v available DIY from Best Buy - Compatible with Volt?

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    I just took at look at the Focus Electric post at Autoblog Green, and in the post, they say the 240v charger for the car will be available from Best Buy as a stand-alone installation. This seems a lot simpler than the official rigamarole GM wants you to go through to get a home charger...