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  1. Another Car Fire!

    Totally Off-Topic And this time, the Lions are literally waiting to pounce.
  2. Fix For Model S

    Long ago the Cleveland Motor Car Company led by its visionary leader, E. J. Pennington, developed the technology which could be used to protect the battery pack of today's Model S. This beauty was manufactured from 1895: Unfortunately, Pennington was arrested for fraud at the St. Louis...
  3. Uh, Oh... More fire trouble

    Chevy Volt General Discussion, News, and Events
    For Jeep's, that is How is it possible for a door to catch on fire? I would never expect that!
  4. Dodge Challenger V6 Fires: Do not Drive.

    General Motors and General Automotive Topics
    "Owners of these V6 Challengers built from November 2012 through January 2013 are being urged to contact dealers immediately and, in the meantime, not to drive their cars or park in or near any buildings. So far, Chrysler says that seven fires have been reported – none resulting in...
  5. Ford Escape owners: park immediately over fire risk

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    Ford has warned owners of the 2013 Ford Escape with the 1.6 liter engine to turn off the car and back away, after a fuel line flaw was identified that could cause a fire risk. Ford advising not even to risk driving the car to a service location...
  6. Poll: will you have the fix made on your car?

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    So Volt owners, will you get the fix done on your car? Perhaps if you say No or Maybe you could mention why or what it depends on. For yes, it is likely for resale, lease requirements, or - of course - safety. I didn't know moderators could edit posts! Startled me when I first saw Scottf200's...
  7. Ford F150 Fire! Mercedes Fire! Prius Fire! Honda Fire! Jeep Fire!

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    Ford F150's fuel tank strap can cause a fire, Mercedes catalytic converters can burn down the car and a forest, a Prius can just go up in flames, a Honda can ignite after an oil change, and a jeep's engine can explode. Everyone panic! Must be something going around. Doing a Google search for...
  8. volt burned in ct.

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    just watching news in ct.and they were talking about a garage fire last night, and guess what was charging in the garage but a brand new volt. now their could be any reason that garage caught fire but the news person went right to the volt as possible reason. i guess that makes news. stay tuned...