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    Although I recommend the EVextend kit, before I got that kit, I was able to pull a total of up to 480 watts continuous from the 12v outlets in the car..... I believe the maximum without tripping the fuse is 240 watts for each outlet. Tablets and Phones Click Here...
  2. Chevy Volt General Discussion, News, and Events
    Here's the basics of the EVextend inverter wiring kit set-up to use when the power goes out..... Tablets and Phones Click Here: MrEnergyCzar
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    Now I can run my Xantrex inverter up to a 2KW surge. This will run my fridge and pellet stove. How is this Prius back-up power kit below different than the Volt's wire kit? Would the Prius engine run more frequently than the Volts 6 minutes per hour? Why is the Prius inverter gigantic...