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  1. Electric V.W. ID R to Take on Pikes Peak With 680 HP

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    Volkswagen’s motorsport division was in the French mountain town of Alès for the reveal of the I.D. R, its latest racer and Pikes Peak record hopeful. Shown in naked carbon fiber, with only a scant few sponsor stickers on it, VW finally revealed that the I.D. R will make 680 hp and 480 lb-ft of...
  2. Electric Vehicle manufacturers to early adopters: <em>Drivers Needed</em>

    Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Competitors
    This is not flattery, it is a fact: GM needs you. And for that matter, Nissan needs LEAF owners, and all other EV makers will need their early adopters as the most credible part of their marketing efforts. If you are an early adopter, then research shows you are probably already more forward...
  3. For the rich, it’s becoming good to be seen as green

    Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Competitors
    As electric cars like Nissan’s LEAF and Chevrolet’s Volt gain momentum in a world yet to be convinced en masse of their viability, it seems the usual impediments aren’t stopping the wealthy. One of the biggest objections to cars like the LEAF and Volt is they deliver only so much performance...
  4. Study estimates EV deployment in US from 2011-2015

    Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Competitors
    While it could be said to be anyone’s guess how electric vehicles in the U.S. will be adopted in coming years, nearly every stakeholder is at least attempting to estimate it one way or the other, not least of these being General Motors. In a study funded by a GM research grant, and conducted by...