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  1. Error message - Adaptive Cruise Control Temporarily Unavailable

    Generation 2 Volt (2016-2020)
    I recently purchased a 2017 Volt, and one of the many features I love is the Adaptive Cruise Control. However I got an unusual error message while driving it home yesterday. While the cruise control was on and working properly, a message appeared on the dash saying the cruise was turning off...
  2. Is "service high voltage charging system" covered?

    Problems, Driver Warnings or DTCs - Chevy Volt
    Hey everyone! So I went to drive my Volt (2012, 47,000 miles) this morning around 10am and all was fine. Had it sitting in my garage for about 4 hours, went to drive it, and the message came up "Service High Voltage Charging System." I had not been expecting this so I turned the car off/on and...
  3. Error Message:Problem detected with charger (juicebox)

    Problems, Driver Warnings or DTCs - Chevy Volt
    We just installed a juicebox charger. When we plug it in the charging light does not come on and there is a message that says a "problem is detected with the charger." Does anyone have any ideas of how to trouble shoot this problem?
  4. Is RemoteLink map search working for you?

    Chevy Volt Engineering and Design
    Some people are reporting that the map search feature in the RemoteLink app is not working right now. The app gives an error: "Unable to connect to server. Please Try again later." In an effort to provide OnStar engineers with the best information possible... Please respond to the following...
  5. "Service Anti-Theft System" message

    Generation 1 Volt (2011-2015)
    My first quirk after nearly 1800 miles: Today when I started my Volt, a yellow-letter message appeared in the display behind the steering wheel that said "Service Anti-Theft System". The car otherwise functioned normally. I pressed the button to change the display options and the message went...