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  1. BYD Qin - You want to check out this new EREV

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    5.9 seconds 0-62 Remote driving capability and alot more goodies... See for yourself:
  2. New BMW i3 range extended EV misses the point of a generator

    Chevy Volt Engineering and Design
    Not having the generator provide enough power for similar performance to EV mode seems a little off the mark. This would just cause more range anxiety instead of eliminating it.
  3. Two early BEV/EREV predictions

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    On July 2, 2010 nuclearboy and I each made predictions for the beginning of 2013. I haven't been active here for a long time, because I jumped ship and leased a LEAF, but I'm bringing our predictions back as promised. In all honesty, I would judge that we both missed the mark, but he was closer...
  4. The Volt is clearly an "EV+H", is it not?

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    Maybe this is beating a dead horse, but after reading the article linked below (and the "spirited" comments exchange that followed) I have decided to stop referring to the Volt as an "EREV" as Chevy prefers and instead the more accurate and properly ordered acronym "EV+H". I think it makes the...
  5. Mercedes concedes EREV defeat to GM?

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    Sounds like they may be throwing in the towel in trying to compete with GM in the EREV technology and saving face by plopping a Tesla drive system into their EV. Not that there is anything wrong with Tesla per se. I just think GM was way out in front with the Volt and caught Toyota and MB flat...
  6. Extended-range electric vehicle news roundup

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    Despite the North American International Auto Show taking place in GM’s back yard, no new Voltec models are on display, but extended-range electric vehicles are definitely being promoted there and around the world. This week GM did have a Volt with advanced connectivity at the Consumer...
  7. Bob Lutz to introduce extended-range VIA Motors pickup, SUV and van in Detroit

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    Since hiring Bob Lutz a few months ago, Utah-based VIA Motors has kept busy, and now it's preparing to show an extended-range pickup truck, 4WD SUV, and three-quarter-ton full-size cargo van at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, Jan. 10. As we reported in September when...
  8. 107-MPGe Prius Plug-in Hybrid to debut next month

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    As its launch date approaches, both verifiable and speculative reports are circulating about the Toyota Prius Plug-in Hybrid. Among them are that it is expected to return a standard-Prius-beating 107 MPGe, cut CO2 emissions from 89 g/km to 49 g/km, and will debut September 13 at the Frankfurt...
  9. Fisker delivers first extended-range Karma

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    The “world’s first extended-range EV” was launched recently by its American-based company to the applause of techies and green-oriented people of many stripes. Old news you say? Not so fast. This was not the Chevrolet Volt, but a Fisker Karma delivered July 26 – not to Leonardo DiCaprio as had...
  10. Survey shows more education needed for EVs and hybrids to sell

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    While readers of this site and other alternative energy proponents are keenly aware of emerging transportation technology, a significant number of American car buyers remain uninformed about even the basics on how EVs and hybrids work. These were the findings of a survey answered from Oct...
  11. Receptiveness to the Volt in Geneva is ‘very, very positive,’ Chevrolet says

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    The latest word on the Volt now being displayed at the ongoing Geneva Motorshow is that public awareness and interest is quite high. As we wrote last week , production versions of both the (for now) American-manufactured Volt and Opel Ampera are being seen for the first time by many...
  12. Dome Light talks EVs with Jay Leno

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    Found completely by chance browsing for Car Talk archives: Recent takes on the Volt by Car Talk blogger Jim Motavalli and Jay Leno. Reasonable, positive talk from car folk. =D~~ NPNS!