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  1. Chevy Volt Engineering and Design
    My Volt made it to the Scotty Kilmer channel:
  2. Suggestions for GM - Chevy Volt
    Long before the Volt was released GM advised the Volt will run on E85 gas. There are still video's out there advising of this. Is there any word on if the 2012 Volt can use E85 gas? Checkout the link I have posted of a video on Youtube that has been posted by Chevrolet. It mentions "as long as...
  3. Suggestions for GM - Chevy Volt
    Please add flex fuel capability to the Volt. That way when a driver does need to use the internal combustion engine, he can choose to use something other than gasoline, namely ethanol, or at worst, ethanol with a little bit of gasoline mixed in. I'm aware that GM was originally planning...
1-3 of 3 Results