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delayed charge

  1. Delayed Charging - Estimated Time of Completion Issue

    Generation 2 Volt (2016-2020)
    Last night around 9:45PM I plugged my car in to a level 2 EVSE, with a completely depleted battery, set to delayed charging (rate/time). I do this on a regular basis, and both the car and the app always show estimated completion of 5AM. Last night it showed an estimated completion time of...
  2. New Member

    Newcomers to GM-VOLT.COM (See here for FAQs)
    I purchased a 2013 volt in November with 21k miles. Recently upgraded from 110v to 220v charger and the fast charge times are great. I have two issues, the button is gray-ed out for setting up the delayed charge and the On-Star button doesn't work to use the 3yr free basic On-Star service.
  3. Charging with Delayed Start - Automatically Selects Amperage?

    Generation 1 Volt (2011-2015)
    To anyone with experience with delayed charging, do you know if the amperage is automatically selected during 110/120v mode? For example, let's say I plug in the charger at 10PM the night prior and set departure to 6AM. In order to reach maximum charge at 6AM, 12 amps is required. Can the...
  4. Delayed Charging

    Generation 1 Volt (2011-2015)
    Is there any way to set the car to do a delayed charge on Monday through Friday and immediate charging on Saturday and Sunday?
  5. Quick way to bypass delayed charge?

    Generation 1 Volt (2011-2015)
    I know that to bypass a delayed charge setting and start immediately you can just insert, pull and reinsert the J plug. I realized today that doesn't work in some cases so is there another quick way around it? Heres what happened: I have enough range to get to work and back but I can fully...