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  1. Love the Volt, would like a bigger version as a family cruiser

    Suggestions for GM - Chevy Volt
    Having just bought a Volt in Oct 2013, I absolutely love the car for my daily commute and family shopping trips, but the car is just a bit small for longer trips where we need to haul a bit of luggage. I'm hoping that future incarnations will grow to a family of vehicles (like Prius and Telsa)...
  2. Why there won't be a Volt MPV5?

    Chevy Volt General Discussion, News, and Events
    Could it be that Chevy thinks it's too much like a wagon and not enough like a crossover? Apparently wagons are frowned upon by US consumers and therefore manufacturers. Could this be holding back the MPV5? Chevrolet Communications Manager Annalisa Esposito Bluhm explained to that...
  3. TESLA Model X crossover will be Unveiled on Feb 9

    Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Competitors
    Hi everyone !! Interesting insight on website !! I didn't know that Tesla was already developing a Crossover for 2013... I thought that they had their hands full with the Model S !! Anyway, good news ... the more EV cars, the better ...