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  1. How common is a wheel with the Converj Sticker?

    Cadillac ELR Owners Forum
    I got new tires a few months ago, none of my wheels had the Converj sticker. We put new tires on my wife's ELR today and I remembered to ask the tire guy to take a shot with his phone of any stickers in the wheels. Only one of hers had the sticker. Has anyone else thought to look when getting...
  2. Personal Plates with correct ELR historical reference

    Cadillac ELR General Discussion, News and Events
    The plate was available, so I have it. Nerdy, but fun...
  3. Mark Reuss: Voltec cars will play a small part in GM's broader revival strategy

    Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Competitors
    As GM rebuilds its balance sheet and reputation, the president of GM North America says the Volt and pending Cadillac ELR will help its overarching mission as “technical halo” vehicles. The occasion was a recent talk in Southern California to the Motor Press Guild, in which Mark Reuss focused...
  4. Build the Cadillac Converj. Please.

    Suggestions for GM - Chevy Volt
    As most on this site believe, the Volt is or will be a success. I also understand that the argument of limited battery capacity (production wise) was a reason the Converj was scrapped. If battery production can ever be overcome, please build the Cadillac Converj... as close in style as...